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Introducing Kwal

Kwal was built in response to the challenges we encountered while building our previous businesses. The hardest parts weren't coming up with ideas, turning those ideas into code, or even getting people to hear about and pay for our products. It was always about finding and vetting the right people to join the organization.

Technology and the globalization of talent have been major catalysts in expanding the scope of hiring from within our local cities to across the globe in the search for great people, but this expansion has not been without its challenges.

Today, technology makes it easy to post a job on 100 job boards instantaneously with a single click, and receive 1,000 resumes of mixed quality. These are then parsed for keywords, resulting in a list of first-contact candidates. However, another reality has emerged. Technologies like artificial intelligence are advancing so rapidly and have become so inexpensive that candidates are now able to create 'perfect' resumes, bypassing these same systems.

As resumes became less reliable, we experienced the grueling task of interviewing each candidate to gain a deeper understanding of their actual experience. This process was extremely time-consuming and often revealed inflated experiences on resumes.

We believed there had to be solutions out there that balanced speed, cost, and candidate experience, so we began our search. After evaluating dozens of offerings, we came to the stark realization that these products couldn't meet our needs and were struggling to fulfill even the most basic customer requirements.

This journey led us to build our own recruiting voice agents because we strongly believed that a better product was needed.

Kwal represents our belief in a new paradigm where there is no longer a trade-off between providing a positive candidate experience and the demanding task of recruiters making repetitive calls to fill a single role.

-The Kwal Team


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